Hologic Biozorb Lawsuits

The Hologic BioZorb is a surgically-implanted medical device used to assist in the treatment of breast cancer. The device is a “marker” used to indicate the exact spot from which a cancerous mass was removed from the breast so that future radiation treatments can be more precisely targeted. In essence, the BioZorb provides a physical indicator marking the spot from which cancer was surgically extracted from the body.

The device is designed to be “bioabsorbable,” meaning that while it is placed permanently, the device is “absorbed” into the body over a span of years, eventually dissolving without requiring surgical removal. But since the usage of BioZorb has increased in recent years, a growing number of patients have reported that the devices do not dissolve as they were marketed to do.

Patients have in turn experienced severe medical issues stemming from defective BioZorb devices. Bailey Glasser has led the charge alongside a small number of other law firms in filing lawsuits against BioZorb’s manufacturer to seek justice for affected patients. If you or a loved one has been implanted with a Hologic BioZorb device and now experiences medical issues related to the device, contact us today to set up a free consultation on your prospective case.

Hologic BioZorb Device

The Hologic BioZorb is a medical device first developed in 2012 and that was commonly used between 2012 and 2019. The device is a “marker” used in the treatment of breast cancer, and it is implanted during tumor removal surgeries to provide a physical beacon for targeting radiation therapies after surgery. The BioZorb was marketed as “bioabsorbable,” meaning that the device dissolves on its own after 12 months of implantation. Doctors and patients were attracted to BioZorb because of its potential to assist the effectiveness of radiation therapy as a cancer treatment and the fact that the device would never have to be surgically removed.

The BioZorb is a 3D device that looks like a wire spiral with six permanent titanium clips that attach to breast tissue. The spiral components are supposed to dissolve, while the titanium clips serve as the radiation therapy marker. According to Hologic, the device’s manufacturer, the BioZorb provides multiple cosmetic benefits to breast cancer patients, as the marker allows surgeons and oncologists to minimize surgical incisions, in addition to the medical benefits related to radiation therapy targeting.

Defects in the Hologic BioZorb

But today, many patients who received BioZorb devices are reporting significant medical issues stemming from the device’s placement in their bodies. Most patients report that the device’s “bioabsorbable” qualities are not the same as they are advertised by Hologic and that the entire device remains within the body for years after its implantation.

Issues Associated with Hologic BioZorb Defects

These patients have experienced significant and life-altering symptoms associated with the BioZorb, including the following:

  • Extreme pain and discomfort at the implant site
  • The device protrudes from the breast, damaging healthy tissue
  • Cosmetic issues related to the device being visible through the skin
  • Scarring and spider veins at the site
  • Sensitivity and itching of the skin

The pain associated with BioZorb devices is often so severe and pervasive that it affects every aspect of an affected patient’s life – who is oftentimes already battling breast cancer. For many patients, the implantation sites are very painful to the touch, making it difficult to wear clothing and sleep on the affected side.

Upon experiencing these issues with the Hologic BioZorb, many patients are led to request that the device be removed from their bodies. In some patients, the device can be successfully removed. In other patients, the device cannot be removed, and the patient is forced to endure a mastectomy, which results in a total removal of the affected breast. In short, it has become readily apparent that BioZorb’s benefits related to radiation targeting do not outweigh the risks and side effects associated with the device’s usage.

Hologic’s Liability for Defective BioZorb Devices

More importantly, it has become apparent that Hologic knew or should have known about the risks and side effects associated with the BioZorb device, and it completely failed to warn patients about those risks. That failure has now opened Hologic to legal liability from affected patients who are unfortunately dealing with these significant medical issues. Our team of attorneys at Bailey Glasser is leading the way in assisting affected BioZorb patients with seeking justice for their injuries.

Hologic BioZorb Products Liability Lawsuits

When any person becomes injured due to the negligent or bad acts of a company, the injured person has a right to seek and recover compensation for their injuries. With specific respect to product liability cases like this one, manufacturers have a duty to warn consumers about defects that were known or which should have been known to the manufacturer. In medical device cases, those duties are scrutinized at a higher level due to the intense amount of regulations and safety approvals involved in selling and marketing a medical device.

Here, the specific issue is that Hologic marketed its BioZorb devices to do something that the devices could not and did not do: dissolve into the skin. During the course of BioZorb lawsuits, our attorneys are seeking evidence as to whether Hologic was aware that the BioZorb devices were defective in this manner, and if so, to what extent they misled the public and the government in seeking approval of their device. We hope to uncover this evidence, and we will leave no stone unturned in seeking it out.

New Lawsuits Against Hologic

The first round of Hologic BioZorb lawsuits was filed by Bailey Glasser alongside a small number of other law firms in late 2022. In these lawsuits, we are alleging that Hologic failed to warn consumers that the BioZorb device may fail to dissolve, and in some cases, may even migrate to other locations in the body. The suit also alleges that the BioZorb devices cause serious side effects in cancer patients that the company failed to warn about.

We expect the number of Hologic BioZorb lawsuits to grow dramatically as more patients begin experiencing issues with these defective devices. We’re proud to be on the front lines of seeking justice on behalf of BioZorb victims, and we are actively seeking information from affected patients. If you or a loved one has experienced medical issues stemming from a BioZorb device, contact our office as soon as possible.

How to File a Hologic BioZorb Lawsuit

The first step in filing a product liability lawsuit against Hologic is to contact an attorney and assess whether you have a viable claim for legal compensation. We offer free consultations to prospective clients for this purpose. While each case’s details affect the case’s viability, below are some general considerations regarding the filing of a Hologic BioZorb products liability case.

Who Can File a Lawsuit Against Hologic?

Anyone who received a Hologic BioZorb implant device and who has experienced medical issues related to the device’s implantation may be eligible to file suit against Hologic for BioZorb defects. Patients who had the devices removed through traditional surgeries or mastectomies are also generally eligible to file a suit, in addition to the families of patients whose deaths may be associated with a Hologic BioZorb device.

Even if you are experiencing issues that have not already been identified as related to Hologic BioZorb defects, you should still contact an attorney if you suspect that your device has caused you to develop medical problems. The evolving nature of these claims and cases means that some side effects may not yet be discovered, and we are continuing to collect information from affected patients.

When Should I Contact an Attorney?

If you believe you may have a viable claim for Hologic BioZorb compensation, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. Sometimes, the law places deadlines on the filing of new cases, and depending on where you live and when you received a BioZorb device, your case may be affected by these deadlines. In some cases, exceptions or extensions may be available, but you should contact an attorney as soon as possible to inquire about your case if you believe you have a viable BioZorb compensation claim.

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