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A birth injury is a devastating potential outcome of medical malpractice. When a doctor, obstetrician, or gynecologist is negligent or falls short of the accepted standards of patient care, the consequences can be catastrophic for the infant and family. At Bailey & Glasser, LLP, we understand how emotionally challenging it is to deal with a birth injury. We offer compassionate, personalized, and results-oriented legal services to our clients to pursue the justice and financial compensation they deserve.

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  • Our team of skilled birth injury attorneys has an in-depth understanding of the complex medical issues involved in these cases. We have tried over 100 medical malpractice cases to verdict.
  • Our birth injury lawyers will treat your family like our own. We will work closely with you to personalize a legal strategy and fight for optimal results.
  • We can negotiate or litigate your birth injury case for the highest possible financial recovery at no cost upfront. We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning no fees unless we win.

What Is a Birth Injury?

A birth injury describes any harm a baby suffers before, during, or shortly after the birthing process due to medical malpractice. Any injury sustained in gestation or during labor or delivery can lead to a birth injury lawsuit. The grounds for this type of claim are that a doctor or health care provider fell short of the standards of care and that this resulted in injury, illness, disability, or death to the mother or child.

Common examples of birth injuries include:

  • Brain hypoxia (loss of oxygen)
  • Brain damage
  • Cephalohematoma
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Shoulder dystocia
  • Brachial plexus injuries
  • Erb’s palsy
  • Bone fractures
  • Soft-tissue injuries
  • Nerve damage
  • Facial paralysis
  • Internal injuries

Any physical injury experienced during childbirth that affects the mother or newborn baby can constitute a birth injury and potentially lead to a lawsuit if the elements of medical malpractice exist. If a reasonable and prudent healthcare provider would have done something differently and prevented the injury, your family may have grounds for a civil claim.

Why Do Birth Injuries Occur?

Birth injuries are relatively common during complicated deliveries. However, these injuries are typically minor. Medical malpractice, on the other hand, can cause serious and catastrophic birth injuries – including damage that lasts for an infant’s lifetime. If a negligent act or omission by a healthcare provider caused or significantly contributed to your child’s injury, your family may have grounds for a claim.

Examples of negligence and malpractice behind birth injuries include:

  • Miscommunication among the medical team
  • Failure to diagnose and treat a maternal condition
  • Failure to monitor fetal vital signs or notice fetal distress
  • Misuse of birth-assistive tools, such as forceps or vacuums
  • Mishandling a childbirth emergency
  • Failure to order an emergency C-section
  • Use of improper birthing techniques
  • Pulling on a baby’s arm or head when stuck in the birth canal
  • Unsanitary birth-assistive or surgical tools
  • Poor postnatal care or newborn monitoring

These mistakes can lead to head trauma, brain damage, irreversible medical conditions, infections, bone injuries, and scarring and disfigurement for victims. If you suffered the trauma of a birth injury when welcoming a new member of your family, discuss the possibility of filing a lawsuit with our attorneys.

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